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Learn how an unspent criminal conviction can affect your home insurance, how to get insurance at a competitive price and learn about the help that is available to you.

Since 1999, Fresh Start Insurance Services has been providing home insurance to people with criminal convictions and we are here to help you obtain the cover you need. For a confidential quote please complete the ‘Request a Quote’ form on this page, or call 01483 806 900 Mon-Fri 9AM – 5:30PM.

How does having a conviction affect my insurance?

If you have an unspent criminal conviction, your current home insurance is likely to be invalidated, unless the insurers are aware of it and have agreed cover. If you don’t have prior approval and need to make a claim on your insurance policy, you may be declined, potentially leaving you out-of-pocket.


If I am living with others, do they need to disclose my conviction to their insurer?
Yes. The unspent criminal convictions of anyone in a household can also affect the home and contents insurance policy, even if the homeowner doesn’t have a conviction themselves.


Why do I need to disclose unspent convictions?
When applying for insurance or renewing your policy, you will be asked if you have any unspent criminal convictions. Failure to tell your insurance company about unspent convictions can invalidate your insurance policy.


What is the difference between spent and unspent convictions?
A spent criminal conviction means the rehabilitation period has been completed. Convictions resulting in a prison sentence of over 4 years are never spent. As a result, they must always be disclosed. You can learn more about the time frames relating to your own situation HERE > 


Do I need to disclose spent convictions?
No. A conviction is spent once the rehabilitation period has been completed. More information can be found HERE >


Does an unspent conviction mean I will be turned down by all insurers?
No. Specialists such as Fresh Start Insurance Services can usually provide home and contents coverage that will meet your needs.


What will happen if I don’t disclose an unspent conviction?
Your existing insurance is likely to be invalidated. If you need to make a claim on your policy you may be turned down, even though you have paid your insurance premiums.


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